Breakfast and After School Club

We can be found in the building adjacent to Dunnington Primary School and are very proud of our strong links and partnerships we have with the school.  We offer a Breakfast and After School Club for the children who attend our Preschool and pupils at Dunnington Primary School.  During our Breakfast and After School club, all children have the chance to play with their friends and enjoy a wide range of activities and games, both indoors and outside.

Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am until 9am.  The cost per session is £5.15 (£5.50 from April 2024) and this includes breakfast.  We take the children across to School at their allocated start time.

After School Club runs from 3pm until 6pm.  The cost per session is £10.25 (£11.00 from April 2024) and this includes a snack usually served around 4pm.  Your child is brought across to us by their teacher at the end of the School day and you can collect them from us at any time up until 6pm.  If School is running extra curricular clubs such as sports/singing/gymnastics etc, and your child wishes to take part, we can collect them after the club has finished and bring them across to Over the Rainbow.

In our indoor space, we have a range of art and craft resources, lego, board games, jigsaws, puzzles, and toys to choose from and play with.  Children can play in our popular home corner, read books in our book nook, and use our construction area to build and create.  We also have a designated “chill out” area where children can relax and have some quiet time if they want it.  There are sensory resources, cosy rugs and cushions, and muted lighting to help children to relax and unwind.

In our outdoor areas the children can use our resources for den making, building, riding our bikes and scooters and having space to run and play.  We have chalks to create some wonderful designs on the floor (and sometimes walls!).  The children help to maintain our outdoor space – planting, watering plants and weeding.  We are kindly allowed use of the school field in After School Club, so we have plenty of space for sports and have the equipment to play a range of sports and games such as football, cricket, rounders, tennis, capture the flag and so much more.

Ad hoc sessions are occasionally available on request, depending on the number of children already booked in that session.  Places can get booked up quickly, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee an ad hoc session would be available if requested.

To enquire or apply for a place for our Breakfast or After School Club sessions please click here.